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Magnolia Restaurant & Wine Bar

Keeping Us All Safe

The TCI Government has provided all restaurants with guidelines to ensure the safety of diners and employee's during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We have implemented elevated levels of sanitation in the kitchen, bar and dining areas for your safety and peace of mind. Social distancing will be implemented with a minimum of 6 feet between each table. We can accommodate groups or families of up to 10 guests per table.

Face Mask

All guests are required to wear their face masks when entering/exiting the restaurant or bar. You may remove your mask once seated at your table. It is also required for you to wear a mask when moving about the restaurant.

Temperature Check

Any guests attempting to enter the restaurant displaying symptoms of COVID-19 will be asked to remain outside until we can perform a remote body temperature check. We have the right to refuse entry to anyone displaying symptoms.

Hand Hygiene


All guests are required to use provided hand sanitizer before being seated on the dining/bar deck or returning to their table, this includes any visits to the bathroom. We also request that you use sanitizer before exiting the restaurant.

Me​nu Options

We are offering our regular covered menu and wine list to diners (sanitized between each use).  If you prefer a digital version we have a QR code th​a​t you can scan upon entering the restaurant. This will take you to our website and will also includes cocktails and wine selections both by the glass and bottle. If you wish to bring your own wine our corkage fee remains $30 per bottle.

We will provide you with our wifi and password upon arrival.


All employee's are wearing face masks, including kitchen personnel. They are temperature checked upon arrival for their shift. Strict personal hygiene is being enforced including washing hands (minimum 20 seconds) between visits to each table, before and after delivering food or drinks. 

W​ait staff will distance themselves from you as much as possible while still being able to deliver the best possible service. Straws for drinks must be requested. Drinking straws will come pre-wrapped and are biodegradable.

Social Distancing

As per Government requirements all our dining tables are 6 feet apart to maintain social distancing. Groups of 11 or more will have to be split onto 2 tables next to each other.

We kindly request that guests do not move or adjust tables without assistance of any employee so that we can ensure social distancing is maintained.

Wine Bar

All guests entering the bar will be seated by a hostess and you will be required to use provided hand sanitizer before entering the Bar. Tables on the bar deck are the mandatory 6ft apart to adhere with social distancing. All bar surfaces will be sanitized at least once per hour using sanitizing spray and disposable paper towels.  Bartenders will wash/sanitize their hands between making drinks and all garnishes will be handled using picks or tongs.


Takeout orders are taken via our cell phone.  You may call or Whatsapp us on 649.247.4537. We will take your credit card information over the phone and run the charge at the time of ordering. Upon arriving at the restaurant you will be directed to the bar to collect your food and sign your credit card slip.  If your card has a PIN the transaction will be processed at collection. If you prefer to not enter the restaurant we can deliver curbside, please specify at the time of ordering.


All guests must wash their hands before exiting the bathrooms.  We have installed new touchless soap dispensers for added hygiene.  After exiting, you are requested to use the provided hand sanitizer before returning to your table. All garbage cans in the restrooms are now lid free to ensure maximum hygiene.  The bathrooms will be monitored and sanitized regularly for your peace of mind.


All check wallets are sanitized between use.  We have a separate stock of pens for guest use only.  These are sanitized after use using a UV light unit.  If your credit card has a PIN we will provide the machine for your use. The machine will be cleaned with sanitizing wipes before it is presented to you, and again after use.

Table Hygiene

All tables are cleaned and sanitized between guests use of a table. We are using commercial grade sanitizing spray and disposable paper towels to clean tables, chairs and lanterns. Place mats are cleaned and soaked in a sanitizing solution before being re-used. Your safety is our number one priority.

Your cutlery will come rolled in a linen napkin. All cutlery will be rolled by one employee wearing a mask and food safe gloves. To maintain social distancing as well as hygiene standards, our hostesses will no longer be assisting you to place the napkin on your lap or making any adjustments to any items on the table.  Salt and pepper can be provided by request. Each shaker is washed and sanitized between guest use.

We can assure you we are taking all necessary measure to ensure a safe dining experience for our guests while also providing a safe work environment for our employee's. 

Kindly note that due to all these added hygiene measures, the speed at which drinks and food is brought to you will be affected. We appreciate your patience as we work to keep us all safe and healthy!